Therapy Services

Physical and occupational therapy provide nonsurgical treatment options as well as recovery and rehabilitation solutions for many bone, joint, and muscle conditions. 

Conveniently offered on-site at our Physical Therapy Center, our physical and occupational therapy services at Alabama Orthopedic Specialists are delivered by high-level experts dedicated to helping you heal. 

Specialized Physical Therapy for All Your Orthopedic Needs

Our physical therapists are experienced in providing tailored care for orthopedic injuries and conditions. Their expertise includes a broad range of manual therapy treatments, injury management techniques, and therapeutic exercise programs developed for your specific needs.

Committed to guiding you through your recovery and beyond, our physical therapy team will work directly with you and your doctor to help you regain your strength and reduce your pain.

Dedicated Occupational Therapy to Help You Stay Independent

Occupational therapy is used to restore your function to help you comfortably perform everyday tasks. The focus of our occupational therapists is in treating or rehabilitating hand and upper extremity issues. This includes injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Using the highest standard of care, our specialized occupational therapy services are designed to support your independence at work, at home, and while doing the things you love. 

To learn more about our therapy services or schedule an appointment, please call (334) 274-9000.